Word games are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Whether you’re competitive or just want to have a good time, word games can be found in stores near the board games, they are easy to carry around and always fun for all ages! There is something for everyone no matter what the occasion whether it’s girls’ night out or game day at your house! Check out these eight of our favorite word games that we love playing with our friends: 

What are Word Games 

Word games are a type of board game that involves using the knowledge of different words to form a word through the use of letter tiles.

The game is usually played in a clockwise manner, with players taking turns finding words or making sets of words with their letter tiles. There are many versions of this type of game that can be played with more than one player, or just between friends. Some versions are more complex than others, but all can have fun and be exciting to play.

Some popular types of word games that you may want to try are crossword games, anagram games, Scrabble, Boggle, Bullshit, or a simple game of hangman with paper and pencils. If you want your game to use the computer instead of just pencil and paper, then there are also versions available for most computers that will allow you to play various word games online.

These games are interesting but some may find these board games difficult. You can use a word finder to help you win any word game. With the letters available, this tool will generate all the possible word combinations.


One of our favorite games to play at girls’ night is Scrabble. In order to play, all you need is a blank board and letter tiles. Scrabble is played by placing letters on the board in order to create words with points. When two players compete, they take turns drawing and placing their letter tiles on the board, attempting to score as many points as possible from their turns. Over time, words that are used frequently become more valuable because they earn more points than rare words.

One of the most important things in this game is a vast vocabulary. It’s best to start playing with a list of difficult words or derivations thereof. For example, you can use “infer” and “infrared.” Scrabble also has a dictionary that lists all the available words to be used in this game. If you notice that you are struggling, you can always use some online assistance. Websites like https://unscramble.org/ offer great help for those in need of some spelling inspiration. But don’t get too frustrated, it’s not about how quickly you can think of the word but instead how many points you will score. 


Hangman is a classic word game that everyone enjoys. The premise of this game is simple: one player thinks of a word, and the other players have to guess what the word is by asking questions or guessing letters. If you need help with your letter guesses, you can take turns trying to hang the man by guessing the correct letters on the board. The first player who hangs the man wins, of course!

Furthermore, a game of hangman is even more fun if you have a prize, such as a gift certificate or $50 worth of candy for the winner to enjoy after the game. And, since hangman involves spelling out words correctly on the board using only letters that are guessed by other players (the computer uses the random generator), it’s also challenging and educational.


Is there anything better than making up silly words to confuse your friends? Probably not. Boggle is a word game where players take turns trying to find words in the jumbled letters on their boards, using all of them before time runs out! There are tons of ways to play Boggle. Here’s an interesting one:

One player begins by taking any letter to start her word (and try to make it as long as possible!). Then the next player takes a different letter, and so on until each person has used all the letters once (in any order). Now, when someone uses a letter that already exists in someone else’s word, they shout “boggle!” and get to erase that letter (without replacing it). Once everyone is done or the time runs out, you total up your score by counting each letter in your word AND subtracting the number of times you said: “boggle.” The player with the highest score wins!

Boggle is usually played with a timer, but it’s also fun to play without one and just keep going until the letters run out. Be careful though – this game can get batshit crazy!

Another great option is to have a tournament where players win points if their team is victorious, rather than individual scores. This allows more equal participation as matches between one team and another can be alternated throughout gameplay. Play this even just once during’ girls night and you’ll be so competitive with your friends that you’ll be counting points right up until the final buzzer!


Pictionary is a game in which players try to guess what their teammates are drawing by submitting various words. The guessing team must submit enough letters of the word that the picture can be identified to win a point. Pictionary is a great game for all ages and levels of skill, as it can be played with many different variations.

For example, instead of using words to play the game, you could use pictures. You will need a pad of paper for each player and one pen per team.


This basic game of categories is a great way to get your brain going. The group is given a category and the person with the microphone starts by saying an example, such as “candy bars.” Each person who knows of another candy bar can name it. If no one else has any ideas, then a new category can be given or the first word in the previous category repeated. The game continues until every player has had a chance to give an answer. Categories are played using keywords, rather than full-on sentences like charades, which makes them very easy for players to understand but still fun and engaging! This really narrows down how many possibilities there are for each word and adds in that layer of difficulty for the guessing team.


We hope these tips will help you to make your next party a success. Girls’ night is the best night of the week, and it’s always great to have plenty of good food to serve up while getting caught up with friends – especially if that meal involves some good old-fashioned competition!