Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, it is an ancient country. Once it was home of a civilization worshiping fire, the word Azer means fire and Bajan means a place. Visitors around the world like to visit due to its historical perspective. Azerbaijan e visa processing has been made fast by the introduction of the electronic visa. You can even get the Azerbaijan evisa in less than 24 hours if required by the applicant. When you are applying for the Azerbaijan visa, you can resolve the discrepancies simply via an online channel. 

There are many historical places in Azerbaijan, as the religion of the fire was founded in this area. The historical places are in good shape and visitors like to visit this historical place. Once the people all around the world came here to worship the places as it was the center of the religion of the fire. This area is actually a part of Iranian dominion in history, you can get asan visa to visit the historical places and enjoy your tour.

Visitors around the world like to visit these amazing places especially from Europe and from the subcontinent. Azerbaijani visa is easy to get by providing simple documents like a personal passport and a valid email ID. It is easy to comply with the visa requirement for Azerbaijan if you want to visit this amazing place.

There the top 5 places of the historical places to visit Azerbaijan:

1. Fortress of Baki

Fortress of the Baki was constructed by the Shivani Dynasty in 1191, and it is the ancient walled city of Baku. Azerbaijan travels can’t be complete without visiting this amazing historical place. There is also a great palace in the fortress city of the Baki. When the Ottomans attacked the city in 1585, most of the Walls was destroyed in 1585 followed by the Russian in 1723. But you can still see the widespread walls of the Fortress of Baku.

The fortress of Baki was included in the UNESCO world’s heritage site list in 2000. It is a double walls fortress and was built to protect the city from the foreign invaders. The walls are 8-12 meters in height and width of 3.5 meter due to this amazing height and strength, it has remained unconquered for centuries. When you are applying for the Azerbaijan visa, you would find the Azerbaijan e visa is one of the easiest visas to get especially for the tourism purpose.

2. Baku Maiden Tower

If you are getting the Azerbaijan e visa and not visiting the Baku Maiden Tower, you have missed a lot. It was built way back in the 6th century and was once a worshiping place of fire. Now it is a UNESCO world’s heritage site and visitors can visit this place. You would be amazed to see the height and architecture of this place. Azerbaijan was a place for worshiping fire and you can find many places here, which was of that era but the Baku Maiden Tower is one of the most prominent monuments of that era.

 It also remained the symbol of the region of fire and showed the fact that the religion of fire once existed in this area. This region became the official religion of the area as the Iranin people were also worshiping fire at that time. This region became the official religion of the people and you csan many remains of that time and Baku Maiden Tower is one of them. Travelling to Baku Azerbaijan is easy for the tourist as the procedure to visit the country has been made easy for the people.

3. Palace of Shirvanshahs

The Palace of Shirvanshahs was constructed in the 15th century and was a part of the Old City of Baku. It was one of great religious and Royal significance at that time. Azerbaijan e visa has been a hot pursuit for visitors around the world as you can gather the Azeri visa only for the capital Baku. There is a Royal Place, Mosque, Mausoleum, and a tomb situated in the Palace. The tomb is of the great scholar Seyyid Yehya Bakuvi.

Asan e visa Azerbaijan has increased the number of tourists in Baku. You would be amazed to see the architecture of the Palace, as you can see many places to visit here in the city. There is a Museum built in the palace to educate the tourists about the history of that era.

4. Sheki Khan Palace:

The palace of the Sheki Khan was built in 1797 by Muhammad Hassan Khan. Visitors getting Azerbaijan e visa should try to visit this amazing piece of architecture. It is a great piece of Architecture and a two-story building along with a great piece of woodwork. You would be amazed to know there is no glue and nails used in the construction of the place. It is just the skill and the craftiness of the people that constructed the amazing palace. It is a blue color mosaic palace, and mesmerizing for the visitors due to its woodwork and blue-colored glass.

Sheki Khan Palace is one of the most amazing construction sites.If you are getting the  Azerbaijan e visa then it is exciting to see this amazing structure. It is totally a blue colored monument as you can observe the blue mirrors are used throughout  the building but you would be amazed to see the whole Palace was constructed without any glue and nails, which is quite amazing to construct at that time.


Azerbaijan is one of the most exciting places to visit as the city of Baku is an historical place. You can have a look at beautiful churches there and buy beautiful cross rings nearby. You can see many sites, which amazed you by their beauty and the construction style. The country remained the epicenter of the religion of fire for centuries and you can see many buildings of that time here in Baku especially. You can visit many historical sites of the old city of Baku, and these sites depict the fact how amazing the history of the region is for the tourist.