All of us want success in life in some form or other, whether it be having a successful career, maintaining a great personal relationship, or being a successful sports player. Achieving our goals can undoubtedly feel difficult at times, but what many people don’t realise is that attaining a string of successes stems from positive thinking and self-belief.

Research conducted by the University of Cambridge found that men who believed they were capable of winning experienced a boost in testosterone levels, allowing them greater confidence and motivation, which in turn increased their likelihood of beating another in competition. As such, it appears that self-belief can in fact improve your performance in pivotal moments and situations.

The Winner Effect

Winning itself also “increases testosterone, which in turn increases the chemical messenger dopamine, and that dopamine hits the reward network in the brain, which makes us feel better” (Ian Robertson). In biology, the “winner effect” is a term used to describe how an animal that has won against weak opponents is far more likely to win in the competition against stronger opponents. This is due in part to boost testosterone and dopamine levels which can in fact have a long-term effect on our brains, making us more confident, motivated and even smarter as we learn from our achievements. The winner effect not only applies to animals, but also to humans. Best New Bingo Sites have created a really useful infographic, illustrating the full range of effects that winning can have on both the human brain and body.

How To Stay Happy On Your Journey To Success

It is no secret that many people give up on their goals. However, this is often, amongst other factors, because people have set out to attain their goals without being realistic, and without having a well-thought-out plan of action in place. There is a number of things you can do to keep yourself motivated and happy when you’re working towards success.

1. Express Gratitude

When striving towards something better, or something more, it is important to remember to express gratitude for what you already have. This helps to keep us grounded and feeling pleased with what we have now as well as excited for what else we can achieve in the future.

2. Practice Something Challenging

Whilst it is important to be realistic with the goals you set yourself, you also shouldn’t be afraid to push yourself. In fact, setting yourself a challenge that is just difficult enough is an important part of maintaining motivation. Once you achieve your goal, you will experience a dopamine hit that will leave you feeling motivated for whatever challenges lie in wait for you next.

3. Be Open To New Experiences

New experiences are important because they ultimately allow us to become better-rounded people. Experiencing something new will allow you to learn more, gain greater self-confidence and potentially meet new people who might be able to help you achieve your goals.

Believing that you are capable of winning is a crucial part of achieving your goals. It is the important first step needed to get yourself onto that string of successes.