Making the decision to pop the question to your significant other is exciting. However, before you go rushing into the process, there are some steps that you need to take first. By following a checklist, you can plan and execute this magical day in the best way possible.

Below we are going to talk about what you should do before proposing.

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Speak to your Partner.

While you may want your proposal to be a total surprise, it’s important that you and your partner are on the same page. Marriage is a big commitment and is something that you both need to be ready for.

If both of your futures seem to line up correctly and you’ve always talked of being together, it’s a good indicator that you are heading in the same direction.

Talk to the Parents.

While it’s not that common to ask for parental permission anymore, you still might want to inform them of your plans, depending on your situation. Pick a date where you can talk to them in private, without your significant other around. If you can’t meet with them in person, plan a phone or video call. Just make sure they are kept in the loop, so they don’t accidentally spoil the surprise!

This is also the time to talk to anyone else that you may want to include in the process. For example, you may wish to seek the help of a friend or family member so that you have a backup in making sure the day goes smoothly. While this isn’t always essential, having someone there to assist you can make a big difference, especially if you are planning an extravagant proposal. 

Purchase a Ring.

After you’ve spoken to their parents, next and probably one of the most important steps is to purchase a ring. If you’ve talked to your partner about this before, it should be a breeze, but if not, there may be a few obstacles you have to face. One of the main is choosing the right size.

To do this, you can “borrow” an existing ring from their collection. If you can’t get it without them noticing, slip it on your own finger and place a careful mark where it sits comfortably. If worse comes to worst, you may also be able to make an estimate based on their height and weight. 

When it comes to choosing the right style, there are a few decisions you’ll have to make. Some of which include:

–      The diamond shape: Round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, radiant, marquise, asscher, and heart.

–      The metal for the band: Gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium, sterling silver, titanium, and tungsten. 

–      The carat size: .50 (5mm), 1 (6.5mm), 1.5 (7.3mm) 2 (80mm), 3 (9.1 mm). (All approximations). 

To get started, take a look at Kimberfire’s diamond engagement rings. They have a range of beautiful options available with different prices to suit every budget. 

Choose a Location.

Once the ring is on its way, you then need to start thinking about where you are going to propose. This could be an elegant restaurant, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, or a place that has special meaning to you (like where you had your first date). 

If you want to go away on a holiday or vacation, just make sure that you plan things out carefully. If the location will require a booking, get in early so that you don’t miss out. It’s always better to be one step ahead, just in case.

Think about how you Plan to Propose.

With the location set, it’s time to start planning the actual proposal. There are many different ways to do this, but you need to think about your significant other when deciding what is right for both of you. For example, some individuals like extravagant events, but your partner may want something more low-key. You also need to think about whether you want to be alone or have other people present, such as family members and friends. 

Here’s a tip. If you plan on proposing near a cliff or water, be VERY careful. The last thing you want is your gorgeous diamond ring to fall, never to be found again! If you think you’re going to be nervous, it’s better to stick to somewhere with solid ground, or at least use a fake ring and give the real one afterward when you are home safely. 

Consider Hiring a Photographer.

If you want your special moment to be captured forever, you might also want to consider hiring a photographer. Just make sure that they are aware of the situation so that they don’t look suspicious. If you want to keep things private but still want to capture their reaction, try and hide your phone somewhere and keep it filming. 

Don’t forget to take this opportunity to speak to your photographer about organizing a proper engagement photoshoot too. This way, you’ll have a set of beautiful professional photos that you will keep for life.

Get Ready for the Big Day.

With all the nerves you may be experiencing, you might actually forget about taking care of yourself. Before the big day, consider booking a haircut and purchase a nice outfit so that you feel your best. 

Remember; you’ll need somewhere to store the ring discretely as well. An internal jacket pocket works best, but if your ring box is small enough, it should fit in your pants as well.

Prepare a Celebration for After.

Finally, after everything, don’t forget that you will probably want to have a celebration afterward! Whether you head back home to have some quality time together or spend the day doing all of your favorite activities. It really will make the experience as memorable as possible.

After this, you may think about booking a lovely table for all of your family and friends or work together to create a backyard engagement party. It’s time to have fun before you start all of that intense wedding day planning!