Where did it All Start?

The history of the brand is truly surprising. The roots of the company are connected with a bad injury of its founder. Doctor Klaus Martens once had an accident while hiking in the Alps. Then he couldn’t find shoes that would provide him the proper ankle support. As a result, in 1947, he started developing his own line of sturdy boots. These were one-of-a-kind products that were not previously available on the market. Nevertheless, the beginnings of the company were a real hassle for Dr. Martens. Initially, he struggled to gain popularity among different users – only housewives appreciated his boots. In 1960, the premiere of the cult Dr. Martens 1460 took place. The collection of boots was growing in popularity and became iconic with time. Such popular pop stars as Christina Aguilera or Madonna wore them on stage during gigs.

Winter and Autumn Stylings with Iconic Dr. Martens Boots

Dr. Martens boots share a similar image with bovver boots that have been popular all over the world for many, many years. There is however one important difference that makes them a better alternative to this kind of footwear, namely their lightness. Although Dr. Martens are the embodiment of the traditional, heavy metal style, they are much more comfortable in use than regular bovver boots. Made of quality genuine leather, they are resistant to all weather conditions, including rain and snow. The thick rubber soles provide users with exceptional walking performance on all kinds of surfaces, including uneven ones. All these features make Dr. Martens a perfect choice for all autumn and winter styles for both men and women.

Summer Outfits with Dr. Martens

Apart from classic high-top boots, the product range of Dr. Martens includes lace up shoes. They are made in a style similar to other products manufactured by the company with one difference only. They are perfect for all summer outfits. They will look stunning as part of semi-smart outfits, e.g. as everyday footwear for work. They can be combined with smart clothes, e.g. jackets and shirts, as well as light summer outfits with sheer dresses and bold skirts and tops. The collection of Dr. Martens shoes also includes unprecedented colourful boots for women. If you want to learn more about the models that are currently on sale, visit Sneaker Peeker.