Driving around with kids can be challenging and messy, especially if you don’t have a way to keep them safe, entertained, and comfortable. However, the right car accessories can help turn your drives into fun and enjoyable experiences. When shopping for kid-friendly car accessories, ensure they’re age-appropriate and meet your safety needs. Look at the accessory features to ensure they can enhance your child’s experience while encouraging them to use them.

You also don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good quality car accessory. Shop for affordable ones. Ensure your chosen accessories are made from durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. Remember to read reviews because this can help you make informed choices. This article outlines eleven crucial car accessories for people with kids.

1. Stroller fan

Stroller fans are meant to keep your child cool during the hot weather and can be used on a car seat, crib, baby carrier, backpack, and stroller. They provide airflow to keep the child cool inside and outside the car. Stroller fans also ensure that your kid gets sufficient air whenever they fall asleep in a covered stroller. When outdoors, these fans ensure your toddler or baby benefits from vitamin D from the sun while reducing overheating risks and skin issues resulting from excessive sweating. When buying a stroller fan, ensure the fan case is durable to alleviate injury risks. Not all fans come with the mist function.

Consider choosing one with this feature to provide a water mist and keep your child cool. Do you want a noise-free or quite a stroller fan? While a bit of noise can help the young one fall asleep, excess noise can be destructive, keeping them awake. The stroller fan’s clip-on function, grip, and weight are vital, so consider them to ensure your baby’s safety. Decide whether you want a rechargeable or battery-operated stroller fan and if you can adjust the speed to suit the environment and your child’s needs. 

2. Baby car seat

Baby car seats are specifically designed to ensure your child’s safety in the vehicle in case of an accident and as you drive. Car seats offer injury-reducing and life-saving benefits to children when installed and used correctly. Different car seats are available in the market, including rear-facing, forward-facing, and different color booster seats. The right car seat for your baby should be tested and approved, of the suitable age and height, offer side impact protection, and have enough legroom for extended use.

Ensure the car seat you pick is suitable for the entire usage period by ascertaining that the height and reclining position are adjustable and the side impact protection is adaptive. When buying a car seat, ensure it’s of good quality, and it can secure your child. Padded car seats with soft cushions and head support are more comfortable for your baby, primarily during long travels. Choose a car seat whose fabric can absorb moisture, is removable, and is easy to clean. Go for a seat with a canopy to safeguard your child against the sun. 

3. Baby car seat covers

Baby car seat covers are meant to protect the seat and prolong its life because they’re usually waterproof. This prevents liquids, spills, or stains from spoiling the seat’s original fabric. They also have heat and UV protection to ensure the baby isn’t hot or uncomfortable. Since a baby’s skin is delicate, contact with the seat’s fabric may result in chaffing, scratches, and allergies. However, a baby car seat cover protects your child from this.

The car seat cover you pick should have a breathable fabric to prevent irritation possibilities. Buy two or more covers for circulation and ensure one is made of towel or cloth fibers for the summer season. Choose warmer fabrics for winter and ensure that the elasticized fabric for all your seat covers is of good quality.

4. Baby car mirror

When a child is using a rear-facing car seat, turning back while driving to look at them can be challenging. With a baby car mirror, you don’t have to keep pulling over to check on your child. Since they’ll use the seat for a while, a car baby mirror, which functions as the rear vision mirror, focuses on the baby, letting you see them and ensure they’re okay. Since looking back while driving may result in an accident, these mirrors help ensure you don’t have to dangerously strain to ensure your baby is fine, promoting road safety.

The fact that you constantly see your little one in the mirror gives you peace of mind, ensuring great driving experiences. When choosing a baby car mirror, ensure compatibility with your auto, and consider the ease of installation, size, and image.

5. Car seat strap covers

Car seat strap covers help enhance your child’s car seat. They ensure that the harness straps are comfortable and don’t irritate your kid’s neck. Car seat strap covers will be safe if you buy them from your car seat manufacturer as they’re heavily regulated, and their products are tested and approved, guaranteeing your baby’s safety.

Consider the manufacturer, universal design, padding, and material when looking for a car seat strap cover. If purchasing from a third-party company, you should be careful because the aftermarket accessories they offer aren’t government regulated. This means they haven’t been crash-tested and may not guarantee your child’s safety.

6. Travel pillows for kids

Travel pillows for children are essential because they ensure your child’s comfort as they sleep during road trips or long drives. These pillows are made with PP cotton and soft micro-suede material, making them cozy and soft. A seatbelt pillow lets you attach soft padding to give your child a soft spot to rest their head and ensure they don’t slump and slouch in the car.

When looking for travel pillows for kids, ensure they have a soft filling and a fabric that makes them comfortable to rest on, easy to remove and attach, machine washable, and ideal for long road trips and drives.

7. Car sunshades for babies

Backseat car sunshades are usually attached to your vehicle’s rear side window to shield your child from damaging sun rays. They can also help your little one stay cooler and comfortable, preventing them from squinting whenever sunlight enters their eyes. If your infant car seat has a canopy, you might feel like you don’t need baby car sunshades. Nonetheless, pulling down a canopy on sunny days can frustrate your curious little one, who enjoys looking around.

When looking for baby car sunshades, avoid the ones with metal bars, clips, or suction cups and choose softer materials like a static cling film or mesh window sock. When setting up the sunshade, ensure it’s sturdy, secure, and not attached to your baby’s car seat. Note that pre-installed shades or window tinting are the safest options. Not every sunshade works on each car, so the fit will depend on your window’s size and shape.

8. Backseat organizer

Backseat organizers strap the back of the passenger or driver’s seat. It offers many pockets to place snacks, toys, water bottles, and more, keeping the backseat neat. A seat organizer frees up the seats, allowing your kids to stretch out. It makes traveling with kids easier, especially with sufficient storage compartments.

When buying a car seat organizer, ensure the right fit and size for your car. The fabric you pick will determine how long the organizer lasts and the amount of wear and tear it can handle. The right backseat car organizer should be easy to install and clean and should come with a warranty.

9. Disposable urinal for kids

Disposable urinals are an excellent, discrete, and convenient solution for when your kid needs to go to the potty. These urinals are leak-proof, hygienic, odorless, non-toxic, and waste disposal safe. Your child can use a disposable urinal when sitting or standing since the spill guard avoids backflow when using it. Disposable urinals are great for emergencies and car/motion sickness.

10. Travel potty for toddlers

Travel potties are portable toilets for toddlers transitioning from diaper usage to toilets. They’re light and easy to carry and ensure confidence and consistency as your toddler transitions to using a toilet. It’s excellent for road trips, running errands, and any other time your child needs it while in the car. You can use some travel potty with disposable plastic bags or a collection container for dumping, cleaning, and reusing. With a portable travel potty, it’s easier for your little one to use the bathroom comfortably.   

11. Sickness kit for kids

Handling car sickness in kids can be pretty challenging. However, preparing a car sick kit for children can put you at ease. While you may do everything to prevent car sickness in your child, they might still experience it, so be ready with a sickness kit. Your kit may contain paper towels for wiping, disinfecting wipes for sanitizing, zip top freezer bags or plastic cups, plastic trash bags, bottled water for cleaning seat belts and car seats, and hand sanitizing spray to clean up after helping your child.


Car accessories make life easier, especially when traveling with children. Consider these crucial car accessories for people with kids.