In the present time, where your looks affect everything around you, personal appearance can change the way one feels and relates to the world. It’s one of the reasons why people who would like to adjust their appearance and enhance their beauty gravitate toward cosmetic procedures.

Going through a cosmetic treatment is a great way to improve the appearance, symmetry, and proportion of any part of the body. While there are several things you need to consider before undergoing such a procedure, one of the first steps you need to take is to choose the right technician and surgeon. The success of the procedure rests heavily on this decision, so you need to ensure you are making the perfect call.

According to statistics, the number of women who go through cosmetic procedures is rapidly growing in the United States, with approximately a 3% increase every year.

While many people confuse cosmetic procedures with reconstructive procedures, they are miles apart regarding the difference. While the former involves medical and surgical techniques to enhance a person’s appearance, the latter restores function to the normal aspect of the body after an injury or surgery.

Because the results from a procedure are permanent, the decision to undergo one should not be taken on a whim. It’s necessary to make the right choice and have the right motivation for a cosmetic procedure.

Seven Cosmetic Beauty Enhancers For Women

Below are a few cosmetic procedures that can significantly enhance looks.

1. Facelift Surgery

Also known as a rhytidectomy, a facelift is a surgical procedure that enhances facial looks and makes you look more youthful. It works by repairing sagging, loose or droopy skin on the face. 

Excess facial tissue is lifted during this procedure, and skin on the face is repositioned and re-contoured. The incision starts in front or at the back of the ears, with the hairline extending into the temple area. 

The excess tissue is lifted off, and the facial skin is redraped. The incisions are then closed off with sutures. While sutures are removed 5-10 days after surgery, recovery might take several weeks. It’s usually combined with the neck lift or the forehead lift, which is also an additional way of enhancing appearance. 

There are different types of facelifts:

  • Vertical facelifts are done using a vertically invasive technique to create a youthful appearance.
  • Stems Cell facelifts – where regenerative stem cells are used to enhance facial boost and volume.
  • Suspenders facelifts – where tissue suspenders are used to bear the skin tension and reduce scarring.
  • One Stitch facelifts work by anchoring the skin into the temporal area.

2. Nose Job

A rhinoplasty or a nose job enhances the facial appearance by either reshaping the nose or making it at par with other parts of the face. The procedure can either reduce the nose or redefine it to make for a more pleasing appearance.

In some cases, breathing can be enhanced through the surgery, as in the case of a deviated septum. Other reasons for having a nose job might include correcting congenital disabilities, correcting problems following surgery, etc.

It’s performed by putting little incisions inside the nose. Rhinoplasty, however, isn’t recommended for anyone younger than 15 years because eyelid and nose bone must be fully grown before that.

While the effects of the surgery can take forever to heal, the bruising is the first to heal as it fades in ten days.

3. Eyelid Surgery

Also known as blepharoplasty, the surgery aims at enhancing the appearance of the eyelids. 

With age and tension, the skin of the face, and more specifically, the eyelid, starts to get loose, and there might be an evident dropping of the upper lids and formed bags on the lower lids due to the accumulation of fat pads.

The procedure involves removing or reshaping excess fat from each lid. It can also help strengthen lax tendons as surrounding muscles. Apart from cosmetic reasons, it’s medically recommended for too fat pads or saggy lids as they can cause impairment or obstruct vision.

Patients can start to go out after the surgery within a week or two, as the swelling reduces and becomes less noticeable.

4. Breast Surgery

Also known as mammoplasty, it involves various alternate procedures. It can involve breast reduction or enlargement surgery. Women with very massive breasts can have back pain, poor posture, neck pain, and difficulty finding an outfit.

The breast reduction surgery will help reduce both the weight and size of the breasts to alleviate back pain and enhance posture. Patients often inquire about the breast reduction surgery cost, and it’s important to note that this surgery is usually a one-time solution to large breasts, allowing them to return to normal activities within weeks.

There’s also a breast enlargement procedure that can be undertaken if a woman feels she has small breasts or has developed disproportionate breasts following pregnancy. It can help boost self-esteem and enhance feel-good thoughts about their sexuality.

A breast lift is a procedure that removes the breasts’ tissue and rearranges it to make them appear more petite. While it’s similar to a breast reduction surgery, it’s different as not much glandular tissue is removed.

5. Tummy Tuck

Commonly known as an abdominoplasty or a lower body lift, this procedure involves the removal of excess fat surrounding the lower abdominal area and tightening of the skin. 

This procedure is commonly done on women who have excess skin/tissue after losing a great deal of weight or following a pregnancy.

However, a tummy tuck is not a replacement for an exercise regimen for weight loss. While the procedure results can be permanent, it’s important to note that the maintenance of this effect depends on a diet routine. It is also essential to note that while a tummy tuck can enhance loose or saggy skin, it cannot remove stretch marks.

While most women can resume normal activities in two to three weeks, strenuous physical activities might be limited for an extended period.

6. Liposuction

This surgical procedure involves removing fat from a specific part of the body to provide a slimmer and curvier physique. There are different ways to have liposuction.

The most common, tumescent liposuction, involves infusing a saline solution to numb the area and constrict the blood vessels. This solution, in addition to the fat, is suctioned out of the body using cannulas. 

Another type is the Ultrasonic-Assisted Liposuction (UAL) which involves using ultrasonic energy to melt the fat so it can be suctioned out of the body. 

Other options include power-assisted liposuction, suction-assisted, air-assisted, laser liposuction, etc. This procedure can be performed on the thigh, arms, hips, face, back, and buttocks. 

Most patients can go back to normal activities in a week. It, however, is dependent on the area worked on.

7. Forehead Lift

The forehead lift pulls the forehead skin tighter to reduce creases and wrinkles like the facelift. The eyebrows are also raised to make for a more youthful appearance.

Patients with deep furrows between brows can benefit from this procedure as these lines are often eliminated following the enhancement of the eyebrows.

While most patients can resume normal activities within a week or two of the surgery, it can require a significantly longer recovery if other facial surgeries are added.

The Bottom Line

While nothing can prevent aging, modern cosmetic procedures are one way to mitigate the effects and yield excellent results in enhancing the personal appearance and minimizing flaws.

Depending on what you want, any of the procedures listed above can help make the desired body part better and enhance your looks. However, we strongly advise that you only employ the services of a professional surgeon or certified cosmetic technician to oversee these procedures to get the desired look and for safety and health purposes.