If you are not familiar with the term meme, it is essentially a pop culture phenomenon that goes viral in the form of an image or idea. Generally speaking, this means that when people see one thing online (anything from a celebrity in full makeup to a picture featuring your favorite singer), they share it repeatedly for all their friends to see. There are different types of memes, but text memes are what we will be focusing on today.

Using these photos can create brand exposure by showing your followers what is going on in the world around them. Whether you are consciously aware of the fact or not, when you post a meme on social media, your friends will see it. If they think that it is in good taste and line with their interests in pop culture, then chances are they will share it with those they follow.

Text Memes 

Text memes can be used for your website by simply finding images online that relate to your niche. You can get creative and add text to these pictures to fit your brand’s voice and persona and Meme Scout can help you. For example, instead of just putting the logo of an auto company over a car racing scene, use text that says something like, “We love speed just as much as we love strong engines!” By making the post relatable to what you do and showing people that you understand what they are looking for, the chances of sharing your post increase.

Who doesn’t love looking at meme photos, especially of the meme variety? It is something that has become a cultural phenomenon, with people sharing meme images online in order to make their friends laugh. However, there are brands out there who do not see meme photos as an opportunity for their company to engage with customers; but this may be a mistake, as meme photos can help your brand’s online presence.

One of the most important keys to creating text meme content is making it funny. People want to share things that will make them look good, and if they think that a friend or colleague would also see your post as amusing, they will be more likely to share it with others. This is where using a brand’s voice comes into play. Suppose everyone in your company has a slightly different sense of humor, but all take themselves seriously when conducting business. 

In that case, there will be an apparent disconnect between your writing and their intentions. The easiest way around this is by having a team brainstorm idea before choosing what memes to use on any given day. Not every joke your company comes up with will be a hit, but at least you can minimize the number of misses and increase the chance that each text meme ends up being shared multiple times.

Memes for social media account 

If you’re interested in using memes on your social media accounts, it is vital to research first. Not all companies will be able to use their brand’s voice when creating text memes for every occasion. This doesn’t mean that you cannot post them, however. Take a look at what other brands are doing and figure out if theirs fits within the general context of your marketing strategy while simultaneously reaching a different audience. For example, since we live in a day and age where there is no shortage of people who love phones, many mobile phone providers with a social media presence use memes to create buzz about their latest products.

An example of meme used in marketing 

This strategy has proven to be incredibly successful, with many meme-oriented posts being retweeted hundreds or even thousands of times. One meme that is often shared across social media accounts is one featuring a talking pink bunny along the lines of “this guy watches so much Netflix he turned into a bunny.” The meme has no words, but this isn’t necessary for its success. The meme is paired with text that describes the service being provided, such as “business netflix plan” or “unlimited data.”

This meme not only gets people to think of themselves as bunnies because they love watching so much Netflix, it also helps them remember which plan they have and what it offers. Because meme only last for a few seconds when you’re scrolling through your feed, it has to be able to convey this information in that short time period. 

Meme Scout can help find meme with meme text 

So if you want people to remember your brand and associate positive feelings with it, using meme in your marketing may be the most effective way to go. Meme Scout has meme with meme text, so all you have to do is find the one that best represents your company and share it on social media!

Text memes are becoming an increasingly important part of many brand’s strategies because they allow people to share their sense of humor while also making the post relatable to what you do. Use meme that fits your brand’s voice and that is funny, but make sure it isn’t too specific or obscure so that many people can relate to it. Also, be sure to use meme scout meme with meme text if you want others to share your meme posts using meme get more meme.

So, should your brand start using a meme strategy? It all depends on how much research you do before putting out any meme texts or memes that you want to share on social media!  


If you’re still uncertain if this is something your brand should be involved in, think of it as giving out free samples at the grocery store. If people like what they see and want more, there is always an opportunity for them to buy more of your product later. It has been proven repeatedly that the best way to get loyal customers is by making sure they love using whatever it is that you sell right from the start. A great way to achieve this is by showing them how much you understand what they like and creating content based on those ideas.