Most people see glasses as merely a necessity. But, if you think about it, glasses should also be a fashion statement of their own. Vintage styles are coming back, too!  So, for one, now’s the time to consider buying yourself a pair of cat eye glasses. They’re no longer for your mom or your grandma anymore. 

Once popularized by Hollywood style icons, like Marilyn Monroe, cat eye glasses have reentered the fashion scene. Don a pair for that subtle retro vibe, even if you’re just in a plain shirt and jeans. 

But, before you grab your purse or credit card, read on to learn what you should need to know about classy cat eye glasses.

1. Different Styles For Different People

Like the more common round-shaped specs, cat eye glasses also come in various styles you can choose from. If you browse through the range of glasses available in accessory shops, like Valley Eyewear, you’ll find cat eye glasses in different designs, with varying price tags. 

Among the styles you may encounter are:

  • Black cat eyes. These are the classic look that you may find in 1950s photos. Some have a few embellishments, but you can still find those with more downplayed designs.
  • Red cat eyes. Striking and bold, red cat eye glasses let people really look at you. If you enjoy getting attention for the right reasons, this may be the style for you.
  • Semi-rimless cat eyes. These have near-clear bottom rims, while the top of the frames has accented wingtips. 
  • Tortoise cat eyes. If you prefer a pair of specs with a balance of boldness and subtlety, go for tortoise ones. They were popular then, and are still popular now.
  • Oversized cat eyes. Oversized specs are a pretty big trend, and oversized cat eye glasses are no exception.

There are many more designs, but these are the most common ones you’ll find. Canvass popular styles online and see how other ladies pair them with their outfits. You’re sure to settle on a pair that’ll last you for a while and which really suits you.

2. Will You Look Good In Cat Eye Glasses?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ Regardless of your face shape, you’ll look fabulous in cat eye glasses because of how versatile they are.

Here’s a quick guide on what frame styles work best for different face shapes:

  • Round: You’ll look great in clear frames!  The lack of distraction around your eyes will make your natural beauty pop. Clear cat eye frames are an excellent way to enhance your style without sacrificing your eyesight. Thick-rimmed retro cat eye glasses are also your best bet. Their sharp, thick angles will complement your face’s soft features.
  • Square: The classic cat eye glasses style fit you best. Their curved frames and top-heavy half flatter the square shape of your face.
  • Heart: Try out a pair of navy or tortoiseshell cat eye glasses. The form of the frames highlights the most prominent part of your face: your cheekbones. You can also consider bottom-heavy cat-eye frames to balance out your narrow chin. The color choices save you from choosing plain styles if you’re tired of the traditional colors.
  • Triangle: You’ll benefit a whole lot from cat eye glasses. Since your face shape is heaviest in your jaw area, the angular bold top half of your frames will balance your features. 
  • Oval: Lucky you, any frame fits your face shape!  But, if you want to wear cat eye glasses, choose ones that’ll complement the defining features of your face. Oversized frames work best for you, too. Don’t be afraid to play around with colors and textures, either!

3. Buying Prescription Cat Eye Glasses

Whether you’re buying them online or on-site in your favorite local eyewear store, it’s essential to keep your cool. Before purchasing your first pair of prescription cat eye glasses, make a brief guide for yourself. Let this checklist help you get started:

  • Get your prescription. You might already have this info from your last doctor’s visit, but if you don’t, your doctor can still provide this. Expect a couple of changes, especially if you’re visiting your eye doctor after some time. Your prescription might have adjusted. 
  • Choose a retailer. Read customer reviews, if any. Only go to reputable stores since there may be retailers selling low-quality glasses. 
  • Read and understand return and exchange policies. You might need to return your glasses if you’re not satisfied with them. So, you have to make sure the store’s policies are clear to you.
  • Choose your lenses and frame design. When you’re ready to purchase your new frames, decide on the best lenses for your needs.

Once you’ve got this outline down pat, you’re free to grab a gorgeous pair of cat eye glasses of your own!

4. Styling Cat Eye Glasses

Like clothes and shoes, cat eye glasses need some bit of mixing and matching with your outfits, too. For the fairer-skinned ladies out there, go for bolder frames. For darker skinned beauties, neon colors or neutrals pair with you the best.

Since most cat eye glasses offer a vintage feel to them, enhance that with other retro pieces, like kitten heels and collared blouses. Anything from the 1950s-1960s fashion will surely do the job. Put on a front-tying headscarf or a faux pearl necklace to bring an image of Audrey Hepburn to the 2000s. 

Not a total fan of retro fashion?  No problem!  Casual looks also play well with cat eye glasses. Your frames can add a dash of glam to your denim jeans and graphic tee ensemble, and elevate your simplest, low-key outfits. Cat eye glasses are like black—they just go well with anything.

5. Not Yet Ready To Commit?

No worries!  You can choose a pair of cat eye reading glasses instead if you’re still wary of wearing one all day. Computer glasses, sunglasses, or blue light-blocking glasses in the cat eye style are also a few other options since you’ll only wear these when you need to. And, because you won’t wear them all the time, you could even pick bold styles or bold colors for you to test the waters. 

Flaunt Your Feline Fierceness

Glasses frame the windows of your soul, and it’s great to have a decent pair that matches your taste. Not everyone can handle the true beauty of cat eye glasses, but as with all things, it just takes a little getting used to. Who knows?  In time, your collection of specs and sunglasses might end up becoming a clowder of cats hanging out in your dresser.