As a fashion enthusiast, you’ve probably come across Lorita fashion and wondered what it is all about. Who can try it? Are there restrictions and guidelines? 

Well, just like any other fashion trend, there are things to know to ensure that you keep up with the right look. Here are a few concepts to learn and follow. 

What is Lolita Fashion?

Lolita fashion is a subculture that began in Japan in the late 1970s. The style is often described as ” doll-like ” because it emphasizes cute, girly details like ribbons, bows, and frills. A Wa lolita dress is famous for this fashion style, as it features these quintessential girly details.

While Lorita fashion first started in Japan, it has spread worldwide and is embraced by people of all ages. There are several different types of Lolita fashion, including Gothic, Sweet, and Classic Lolita. Current trends focus on a more natural look, with fewer doll-like details.

What Makes Up a Lolita Outfit?

A typical Lolita outfit includes a blouse, skirt, and headwear. The blouse has billowing sleeves and a high neckline, while the skirt is usually knee-length with a flattering silhouette. Headwear is integral to the look and often includes bows, bonnets, or hairpieces.

Besides this, other popular accessories include gloves, parasols, and jewelry. However, remember not to go overboard with these, as the goal is to look elegant, not cluttered. Also, choose quality materials and well-made items, as this will help you achieve a more polished look.

How to Coordinate a Lolita Outfit?

Lolita fashion is all about looking cute and girly, so it is crucial to coordinate your outfit accordingly. When choosing a blouse, look for one with billowing sleeves and a high neckline. For the skirt, opt for a below-the-knee-length option with a flattering silhouette.

As for headwear, select a bow, bonnet, or headdress that complements your overall look. You can also try traditional hair pieces such as Hanamaru, daisy chains, or hair combs. Remember to go for a conventional hairstyle.

For accessories, less is more. Stick to one or two items. An elegant pair of feminine geta or Zori with taller Tobi socks or toe socks is an ideal accessory. For the shoes, go for Lorita shoes, boots, or flats. Just make sure they are comfortable and stylish.

Which Style Should I Choose?

There are several different types of Lolita fashion, making it tricky to decide which style to go for. As a beginner, start with Classic or Sweet Lolita. This way, you’ll get a feel for the fashion without going overboard with the details. Gothic Lolita is another popular choice for those who want to add a bit of edge to their look.

Age, Body Type, and Height

There are no restrictions when it comes to Lorita fashion. Anyone can wear it, regardless of age, body type, or height. Just remember to choose a style that flatters your figure, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. 

The sweeter styles are ideal for younger fashionistas, while Gothic and Classic appeal to the older generation. It also depends on how much attention you want to attract. To melt into the crowd, choose Gothic, Casual, or Punk. However, to make heads turn or be the center of attention, go for Sweet or Wa Lorita styles.

Which Guidelines Does Lorita Follow ?

As you will find out, there are specific guidelines that fashionistas must follow when it comes to Lolita. For example, the kimono-inspired silhouette is a critical look, as is the billowing sleeve and high neckline. The skirt must also be below-the-knee-length and have a flattering silhouette. 

The guidelines also consider the design, colors, fabric choice, makeup, and lace. Skirts should have enough room for a petticoat, blouses don’t have cleavage, and the lace should be good quality. 

You must also consider the seasons when choosing your outfit. For example, opt for a yukata instead of a kimono in summer. Avoid neon or clashing colors as they ruin the look.

How do you know if the lace is quality? Low-quality lace usually contrasts with the colors of the clothing, such as black and white. It shines, frays, and often looks like plastic. 

Quality lace, on the other hand, is usually more appealing, soft, thick, and doesn’t contrast with the clothing. It’s made from cotton, Venise, torchon, Cluny, raschel, tulle lace or eyelet.

How To Choose the Make-Up and Wigs ?

Although Gothic is usually associated with dark and vampy makeup, this is not always the case. You can go for a natural look as well. Ensure the foundation matches your skin tone and that your blush compliments the overall look. As for the eyes, go for a smoky or winged eyeliner look. Consider your skin tone when choosing the right eyeshadow colors.

For the lips, you can go for a red or nude color. If you want to add a pop of color, go for a pink or purple shade. Just make sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit.

For the wigs, choose a good quality and style. Go for a color that compliments your skin tone and overall look. If you want to add a bit of fun, go for a colored or ombre wig. However, avoid neon colors as they look tacky.

When and Where Can You Wear a Lorita Outfit?

You can wear a Lorita outfit to various occasions, such as tea parties and balls. Just make sure you choose the right style for the event. For example, if you’re going to a tea party, opt for a Sweet or Classic look. If you’re going to a ball, go for a more dramatic style such as Wa or Gothic Lolita. You can also wear Lorita fashion to festivals, cosplay events, and conventions.

Fabrics To Choose

Avoid synthetic satins as they don’t breathe well and can be uncomfortable to wear. Instead, opt for natural cotton, linen, or silk fibers. Also, when choosing a busy print outfit, go for less lace. Unless it’s summer, choose thick fabrics, preferably 100% cotton. Tull, georgette, corduroy, satin, twill, and tulle make excellent choices.

Anyone Can Try Lorita Fashion

Lorita fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. You also don’t have to be Japanese to wear the style. Make sure you follow the guidelines and choose the right design for the occasion. You’ll be a pro in no time with a bit of practice. Most importantly, have fun.