Parents will tell you that the years fly by, and you know what? It’s true. Before you know it, your child will be in elementary school, high school, and then packing up to move across the country for college.

For that reason, it’s important to make every moment with your babies last. Capturing pictures and videos of your children and posting them on social media is great and all, but today, we’d love to share with you guys 9 unique baby keepsake ideas, so you can cherish your best memories of your child for a lifetime.


1 | Handprint Kits

Memories of childhood time


What better way to immortalize the tininess of your child than to get their hand and footprints? You can treat your little angel like a Hollywood hotshot by giving them the full handprint treatment on their very own tile. These handprint kits are pretty inexpensive, but you can take it a step further by getting hand molds, too.


2 | First-Year Frame

1 to 6 month memories of baby

There’s nothing quite as exciting as celebrating your child’s first birthday. They’ve been with you for an entire twelve months, and although they’ve covered you in all sorts of body fluids, parents would love nothing more than to reverse time and relive the first year of their child’s life. Commemorate this momentous occasion by getting a first-year frame. For the first twelve months after they’re born, these frames let you keep track of your child’s development and monthly milestones.


3 | Memory Vase

Now, your baby can forever be a part of your home by getting a memory vase. Manufacturers can print one or an entire album of your favorite photo, immortalizing their most precious moments. Use it as a decoration for the nursery or place it in the living room for all to see.


4 | Time Capsule

Inside the toys during childhood time

Time capsules let you involve the whole family by having them place their favorite child-related item inside of it. Just seal the capsule and let it sit for a decade or two. When the chosen date finally arrives, you can relive your child’s best childhood moments as a family. If the contents of the time capsule embarrass your child in the future, then you know you did it right.


5 | Name Blocks

Alphabet blocks

As a parent, it’s important to teach your children the letters of the alphabet at a young age. One way of doing this is to get a block set with letters, so they can rearrange them to form all sorts of funny words. Alternatively, you can get them a custom-made name block set and teach them how to spell their own name at a young age.


6 | Breastmilk Jewelry


Believe us, breastmilk jewelry only sounds weird, but allow us to explain. Feeding time is when new mothers and their children can create a strong bond that lasts a lifetime. If you’d like to immortalize the moments you shared during the first crucial six to twelve-plus months, there’s nothing better than breastmilk jewelry. Learn more about the significance of breastmilk jewelry by paying keepsakemom a visit.


7 | Patchwork Teddy Bear

Hand maid toys

Children grow a bunch in the first five years of their life, and it seems that every time you get them a new outfit, it goes right into the donation box after just a couple of uses. If you’d like to keep your children’s old clothes without them taking too much space, why not turn them into a patchwork teddy bear? Create a cuddly best friend for your growing child by getting a custom-made patchwork teddy bear.


8 | Clothes Quilt

Clothes during childhood times

If your child already has more teddy bears than their crib can handle, here’s a unique way to reuse their old clothes: turn them all into a quilt. You don’t have to hire a professional sewer to do this, though they can probably do an amazing job at converting old clothes into a soft quilt that your child can cuddle under during the winter. The more old clothes your child has, the bigger the quilt!


9 | Personalized Storybook

Poem books

Every child wishes to become a hero, and with this creative keepsake, you can make their wish come true. Authors can create unique personalized storybooks about your child, whether it’s a retelling of the first year of their life or a fantasy story where they have to fight mythological creatures. There are countless writers and publishers out there just waiting to make your children the hero of the universe.


You’ll Cherish This Unique Baby Keepsakes Forever

Children grow so quickly, and it’s only a matter of time before they outgrow their onesies. While they still rely on mama and papa for everything, it’s a great idea to create physical memories of your children’s greatest achievements, even before they can walk and speak. One day, you’ll open your baby keepsake box and reminisce about their (and your) younger years.