Clothes are elements of life that none can live without. Women especially, have diverse tastes and preferences when it comes to picking different clothes. As it’s often said, one man’s meat may be poison to another, what might be great for one woman may seem horrendous to another. When in the market for blouses in particular, choosing the appropriate one for your wardrobe can be a daunting task, to say the least. Blouses are an important part of every woman’s’ wardrobe. Blouses are easily one of the most versatile fashion pieces in any wardrobe. They can be paired with a wide range of outfits from official suits, skirts, jeans, shorts and the list goes on. Despite numerous options available in the markets, once you know your style and authenticity, picking the right ones becomes an easy venture. Below are various factors you must consider when buying a blouse in your wardrobe;

Style And Fit

Blouses come in a variety of styles and design but the best thing about blouses is that they can flatter every figure. Any woman should always adorn clothes that make them feel and look good. True style is making sure all is well on the outside as well on the inside. The fit is a primary consideration as it determines how the clothes will embody your silhouette. As a result, it’s only a well-fitting attire that would look good on you. Your body size plays a significant role when buying a new blouse. However, if you find it challenging to get a blouse that fits you well, you can consider a customized fit from a tailor. A well-cut blouse will be an ideal choice in everyday wardrobe combinations.

Right Texture

When purchasing blouses for your wardrobe, it’s vital to evaluate the texture of the fabric used from silk,chiffon, cotton, velvet and the list goes on. Texture creates a well-understood impression by the sense of sight and touch. For example, a dull Apc blouse can make you look smaller compared to a bulky fabric that makes you look heavier. Given that it plays a role in the selection process, you need to consider how it feels to the body. You ought to find out whether it’s soft, comfortable and pleasing before your eyes. Most women love cotton blouses as they are easy to wear, comfortable and complements many outfits. Silk blouses are made to be elegant and sophisticated and go well with jeans and chino pants.


Blouses come in a variety of designs where your preference influences your resolution. The designs range from blouses with collar, pleats, buttons and other embellishments. A woman should always make sure that whichever the design, the blouse matches your taste and preference. To assist you in narrowing down your choices, begin by putting in mind the occasion you intend to wear the blouse. For example, a blouse that you can wear to a casual event will have a distinct design, unlike the one you would adorn in the boardroom. Powerful designs can instantly elevate a look and enable the woman to stand out from the crowd.


Picking the perfect color is essential when looking for a new blouse to buy. Your choice of color talks more about your personality and it ought to match with your tone and complexion. The basic rules when it comes to color is that if you have a light complexion, always go for a blouse with a darker shade. Likewise, if you are dark-skinned, go for those brighter shades to enhance your complexion. Buying a white blouse is a safe bet for any woman as it can work with pretty much all sub-styles of fashion.


Above all other factors, purchasing any outfit boils down to the price. Good things often cost money hence a high-quality blouse is likely to be more expensive as opposed to one of lesser quality. Various brands charge different prices for their blouses depending on the workmanship and materials put in the manufacture. For that reason, it’s best to make up your mind on the frequency of use of the blouse to ascertain the cost. After this has been done, set aside some funds for this venture as you do some research on the best stores to purchase from. Take advantage of sales and promotions as you could bag yourself exemplary blouses for half the amount that it would ideally cost.


The quality of a blouse matters the most. Thus, ensure that the blouse that you select is of top quality before paying for it. You can determine this by examining the material used and how it’s tailored. Quality is evident in every way. A high-quality blouse means that it’s durable and others can notice the lavish. As long as you take good care of it, your quality blouse will stand the test of time. There are many options of fabric to choose from all having pros and cons. The choice solely depends on the woman. Be careful to consider the time of the year to pick a fabric that will compliment the climatic conditions. During summer, you are better off with bright, light and breathable fabric to avoid you sweating. For winter, the heavy and more compact fabric will help insulate the body leaving you feeling warm and cosy.

Details And Decorations

A blouse is a garment every woman should have several in their wardrobe. It takes quite a considerable time to build the perfect wardrobe, however, when you buy smart you’ll be able to purchase the right kind of blouses to suit every occasion. Always opt for a blouse with impeccable details and decorations that can be paired with suits, chinos or even jeans. For more formal settings, a basic blouse with solid colors would suit the environment but feel free to experiment on those neon colors when attending casual events such as weddings and parties.