If you are a student, then this is not a reason to refuse to travel, both foreign and within our country. I myself traveled penniless several times: across the Canary Islands, and once traveled all over America with only 200 dollars in my pocket. Another problem is, of course, the lack time and a lot of homework, but you can get rid of this problem by ordering help with college essays from professionals. In fact, you can really avoid the problems that arise during travel and during preparation to travel, and we will tell you how.

1. Decide on a Cheap Overnight Stay

Firstly, you can travel to those regions where there are friends, acquaintances or relatives. For example, if your classmate went to Canada to continue his studies there, you can go to visit him. If you have a musician friend in Britain, then you should call and find out his plans for the summer.

Secondly, you can search for lodging through special sites, such as Couchsurfing.

Thirdly, you can carry a tent with you, especially in warm regions, and sleep outdoors. In California, for example, I traveled with a tent.

Fourth, night buses and trains are very convenient, you are moving and sleeping at the same time. And the main thing, you pay only for the move.

Fifthly, if you have a bus/train early in the morning, then you can walk around the city all evening, sit at night in some 24/7 dining room, and wait part of the night directly at the station. I once traveled like this for 6 days in a row having sleep at the bus station or on the night bus.

Sixth, you can spend the night in various social service organizations: in schools, village councils, monasteries.

2. Take Exams Ahead of Schedule

If a student is going to go abroad while studying, then he/she has the opportunity to pass exams ahead of schedule. The reasons for taking exams before the examination period should be compelling and must be documented. Departure abroad, moving to study in another city or country can be examples of such reasons. A prerequisite is the absence of academic arrears for previous semesters. If a student has no debts and there is a good reason, then he/she can safely contact the dean of his faculty and receive an examination sheet. The dean of the faculties will talk about the further procedure for the early delivery of subjects.

3. Travel as a Volunteer

Projects of international volunteer camps have various directions. Volunteers help in organizing festivals, caring for animals on the farm, in conducting archaeological excavations, in environmental work, teaching children a foreign language and much more.

All these workcamps exist in one Service Civil International world public organization (SCI). SCI offers many options for volunteers: short-term (average duration 2 weeks) and long-term projects (6 – 12 months). In short, a workcamp is a unique form of volunteering that brings together people from different countries, cultures, and traditions to live and work with local communities for two to three weeks. Good travel option!

4. Save on Tickets

Airplanes is not always a cheap way of traveling. In 70% of cases, land transport will be cheaper. There is also one more thing that many students are not aware of. This is a trip “in reserve”. When a student has time, he/she can fly in this way. If there are empty seats, the student can buy a ticket for less than $ 100 and fly. The main thing is the availability of free time so that the student can fly out at any time or wait for a few days when circumstances are so. If all seats have been booked and all passengers have arrived, then the student can wait for the next flight. Experts say this is one of the cheapest ways to travel if you have free time. Another way to save on flight is to travel light. A sturdy  35L travel backpack will fit in an airport cabin and will help the student save on check-in baggage fees.


Students are not the richest tourists, but nevertheless this is an active part of society, seeking to know the world, to visit different places in order to gain life experience. Understanding this, the tourism industry provides special discounts for students, attracts them to outdoor activities and travel. Having a student ID and a little time to explore places of rest, the student can choose a suitable route. And given the advice we provided, you can now go pick up your suitcase and hit the road.