Do you have a man in your life who is mad about mechanics and engineering? If so, you may struggle from time to time in selecting the perfect gift for him. If this sounds all too familiar, you no longer need to fret as this handy gift guide will steer you in the right direction. Finding the perfect gift for the brainy man in your life has never been easier.

1.Mechanical Cufflinks

Any mechanic or engineer has an innovative and independent mind and does not want to be restricted to the basics. For those upmarket events, you might invest in some brilliant mechanical cufflinks for the equally brilliant recipient. This will add a personal touch to any tailored suit and make it more interesting to the wearer and any onlookers.

2. Multi-Tool Hammer

If there is one thing that any mechanical engineering enthusiast loves, it is efficiency; what is more efficient than a 10-in-1 tool? A tool that does it all is ideal for the man who is constantly disassembling things only to rebuild them. Additionally, it is perfect for any Mr. Fix-It who adamantly believes that he can repair everything and anything. 

3. 3D Printing Pen

A 3D printing pen is a fun and creative tool that brings another layer to drawing and building. They are catered to individuals of any experience so whether the recipient is a qualified engineer or a mechanical novice, this gift is ideal for them. 

4. Aviator Safety Glasses

Of course, the primary obligation for any mechanic or engineer is to maintain safety, however, safety equipment does not have to be drab. Aviator safety glasses incorporate style into precaution, making your recipient look chic even while he works. The lenses will be resistant to scrapes and breaks whilst ensuring that the eyes are protected. 

5. Drone

Like a 3D printing pen, a drone can be gifted to people of all abilities, making it a truly versatile present. Many people have dreams of being able to fly and drones are some of the closest contraptions that can evoke this feeling. Give your engineering fanatic the gift of flight. 

6. Mechanical Pencil

If your recipient is a professional in the field of mechanical engineering, it is more than likely that he will use a mechanical pencil every day of his working life. This is a perfect, practical present that the recipient will certainly get ample use out of. 

7. Mechanical Print Posters

Lots of engineers will neglect the decoration of their workshop, and so prints of mechanical plans will be a unique and thoughtful gift. You will be able to browse a selection of these online and will be sure to find one that is suited to your academic recipient.

8. Mini Projector

A mini projector allows your recipient to convert their media onto a larger screen, which could be used for working or solely for entertainment purposes. Projectors allow for either an immersive or relaxing experience, making for an extremely versatile gift suited to all recipients. 

9. Novelty Gifts

There are plenty of novelty gifts that are catered to lovers of mechanics and engineers, whether they be drinking glasses or comfy slippers. Simply searching online for something along the lines of “novelty engineer gifts” will present you with a smorgasbord of fun and unique gifts.

10. Books

Books are essential to any mechanical engineering aficionado, as they are always prepared to learn. Whether you choose an academic thesis or a handy book of hacks, any engineer is sure to make abundant use of a library.

11. Maths Clock

Another decoration for an engineer’s workshop could be a maths clock, wherein each of the numbers is represented by a maths problem. This is the perfect tool for any scientific enthusiast to brush up on their arithmetic skills. 

12. Custom Workshop Wall Art

Plenty of online retailers will supply personalized wall art to frame your recipient’s name with everything that they love. This is another cool way to incorporate decoration into your recipient’s otherwise bare workshop. 

13. Personalised Toolbox

A personalised toolbox is a great gift to encase everything that any mechanic uses every day. This present displays a lot of thought, as you have really considered something that they will come across every day and made it their own.

14. Hand Scrub Gift Set

It is no secret that any mechanic or engineer’s hands are neglected, leaving them with coarse and dry skin. They might not think of pampering products for themselves and so a kit of hand soaps, scrubs, and lotions is a great way to encourage your recipient to give their hands some TLC.

15. Apron

Most mechanical engineering jobs will require an apron and it is likely that they will become extremely tatty and worn before being replaced. Therefore, an apron is a great gift, particularly a custom one that incorporates a professional touch.

16. A Pocket Watch

Any engineering enthusiast will appreciate the way in which a watch works and moves. A skeletal pocket watch will fascinate any lover of mechanics and will act as a truly luxurious and unique gift. 

17. A Tool Belt

Like aprons, tool belts will often grow worn before they are replaced. Show your recipient that you care with a new tool belt; you might also get this personalised for that extra thoughtful touch. 

18. Model Building Sets

Whether it be a ship in a bottle or a classic car, any mechanical engineer will love being gifted with a project. Not only will they have great fun as they construct their models, but they will also be gifted with a beautiful ornament when they are finished.


Mechanics and engineering are complex topics but buying for the aficionados in your life does not need to be complicated. Most importantly, mechanical engineers are inventive thinkers so, any innovative gift will be greatly appreciated. Never settle for a basic gift card again and keep this handy guide to hand for any gift-giving occasion.