In the marketing world, there are many factors that contribute to you being a qualified marketing clients. Of course, the goal is to create new business opportunities and push companies to their greatest marketing potential, but how can you make sure it’s a beneficial partnership for both parties? These are the key ideas that CNG Digital Marketing looks for in potential new opportunities as described by CEO, Clement Connor.

  1. Project Logistics
  2. How established are they? Are they a start-up?
  3. Are their goals for marketing realistic?
  4. What is their currentunderstanding of digital marketing’s role in business success?
  5. Is there an established budget and can we create one?
  6. Is their industry legal or regulated? (We don’t take guns, illegal drugs, etc.)
  7. What is our role?

The details matter. We need to know what the business goals are and where you are starting from. That way, we can make an educated, personalized strategy for each individual business. Being on the same page as your client with realistic marketing goals is essential to creating a successful digital strategy.

 Last, when signing a new client you want to designate your role. Are you just doing marketing? Is there a new website that needs to be built? Are you handling ad accounts and SEO? These are all necessary questions to ask during the goal-setting phase.

Implementing a realistic budget for online advertising and content efforts is pivotal to bringing in traffic that is not only high in quantity but encaptures a target audience that is high in quality and relevant to your business. Another major aspect is the nature of the industry. Are they regulated or legal products being offered? Industries that are unregulated or illegal are not ideal for optimization and should go into your decision process.

  • Company Character
  • Will they be enjoyable to work with?
  • Are they able to meet in person?
  • Are they communicative and will they collaborate on ideas?

Partnerships are only as strong as their weakest link. Having an open line of communication between you and your marketing clients is essential to team synergy. The ability to meet in person and collaborate on ideas is also a strong quality in a potential client because the strategic implementation is grown through communication.

qualities for potential marketing clients
  • Existing Marketing Teams?
  • Have they hired other marketing agencies in the past?
  • What was the quality of their experience with them?
  • If they were unhappy, why?

Why does this business need you? That is something you should start off addressing from the get-go. You need to get to the bottom of where they’ve come from and why this partnership would be advantageous to them. Asking them the questions about past marketing campaigns as well as their experiences better enables you to not repeat failed strategy and implement new ideas into their business.

  • Future Partnerships
  • Are there future overlapping opportunities for our existing clients and the potential new one?

This last step is widely overlooked. Looking at the fit between your current marketing clients and potential new ones is a great way to not only network but also contribute to each other’s businesses in an organic way. For example, if one company you market for has a custom car detailing shop and your other business is an exotic car dealership, why not interlink the two? These are the types of marketing opportunities that would serve both clients and create an even larger, organic network for you as well as your clients.

Creating a solid foundation from the beginning with realistic expectations and well-integrated strategy will ultimately strengthen your partnership and lead to more open communication and success in the long term.