People who have been diagnosed with borderline eating disorders are often in search of an effective weight loss clinic in San Jose. A weight loss hypnosis program can help someone to gain control over their emotions and behavior and to avoid committing the kinds of self-destructive behaviors that can bring about eating disorders in the first place. For those who have already experienced eating disorders, the chance of developing a new eating disorder may be very high.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be beneficial in treating people with an affliction towards excessive eating. This is usually performed by licensed psychologists who use the therapy session to invoke positive thoughts and alter the mindset of the individual. They can help a person tap into their subconscious mind and reform their idea about eating. This is a much safer and better solution to intense dieting. 

Weight Loss Program

An effective weight loss hypnosis program is designed to work on the subconscious level, without the person’s awareness. This way, the patient is able to gain a deep understanding of the things that are causing them to overheat, and are then able to use these insights to help with their emotional eating and to avoid the behaviors that cause them to continue to overeat. The types of behaviors that are likely to be avoided include feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, and shame.

If you are currently seeking treatment for your binge eating, bulimia, or other eating disorder symptoms, there are several options open to you, including psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, or even a combination of both. But if you are currently experiencing a weight-loss crash after struggling with your weight and eating problems for years, an effective weight loss clinic in San Jose could be a life-changing option.

If you are someone who is going for a Weight Loss program, you need to remember that you should only work with credible experts. This means looking for certifications, licenses and other official registration. You should ensure that the person and the clinic is legit and that you are only dealing with qualified professionals. Most of these treatments require extreme precision and even a slight error can cost you a lot. 

How Weight Loss Hypnosis Works

The main goal of any weight loss clinic is to help patients lose as much weight as possible. Of course, weight loss cannot happen overnight, so most clients are placed on a strict diet to lose as much weight as possible. It is only after the diet is followed faithfully, that clients are encouraged to try other methods of weight loss.

An example of such a method is the use of oral hypnosis to increase the effectiveness of the weight loss diet. An effective weight loss hypnosis program is used to help people to control their emotions and to curb their obsessive thoughts.

The point of a healthy diet is to reduce the number of calories that people consume every day. To do this, it is important that patients are able to control their emotions so that they can look at the bigger picture.

When someone overeats, they tend to focus more on the feeling of guilt, rather than focusing on the emotional eating that has caused the overeating. As a result, the overeater often feels ashamed of their actions, and it becomes more difficult to stop themselves from overeating. The process of learning to control your emotions and behavior, and to stop obsessing about certain things, is known as cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an effective weight loss hypnosis program because it focuses on the underlying causes of an eating disorder. Rather than just trying to get the patient to stop obsessing about eating, a cognitive-behavioral therapist is able to help the patient learn to handle their emotions and behaviors when the overeating does occur. Since eating disorders can cause serious emotional distress, it is essential that the emotional state of the patient is improved before treating the eating disorder.


An effective weight loss hypnosis program helps to control these emotions by helping the patient to stop the thoughts and behavior patterns that are driving them to overeat. Some of the habits that are most commonly used in eating disorder prevention include thoughts about what one eats, feelings of shame, and overeating. One example of CBT is called “Cutting a Cheat”, which helps to bring about emotional control.

The CBT technique enables the patient to overcome those habits that cause them to engage in harmful behaviors and begin to control their eating. feelings and emotions, and to stop themselves from indulging in the foods that lead to binge eating.