A small town girl or a modern day woman, that one thing which many Indian women in India has faced is sexual harassment! If you are an Indian woman in a public space, you are forever on edge, looking out for men standing too close, wondering if that grope on a crowded bus was accidental. This happens on a daily basis and this is why at an early age, you learn to not make eye contact with men, to avoid crowds, and to shield yourself with scarves and bags.

Instead of telling girls to ignore groping and leering, teach them to be aware of her surroundings and steps to take care of herself. After all, it’s not her fault but perpetrators!

Here, Old Delhi Films asked a group of Delhi University students to share their first sexual harassment experience. This is what they said!

Some were still in primary school when it happened.

First experience of sexual harassment 28121502

Most faced men flashing their privates at them.

First experience of sexual harassment 28121503

First experience of sexual harassment 28121501


Others were physically violated.

First experience of sexual harassment 28121504

Watch the complete video below: