It’s been a month now since we submerged our dear lord Ganesha’s Idol in water bodies. There was a lot of hush regarding how bad environment consequences the POP idols have. And at the same time Postpickle launched a drive named #GoGreenSaveBlue. The campaign was designed to promote the usage of eco friendly Ganesha. Since the campaign started after the idols have been made, we, the team of Womentriangle has decided to write about this after a month of Visarjan, so that people watching this video would take environmental consequences into consideration from now onward.

Thanks to Kamal Keswani, Digital Marketing Head at Postpickle to write about these campaign on Womentriangle. Let’s here what Kamal has to say about this campaign.

The company took this opportunity to highlight how the harmful paint from the idols poisons the eco system of our water bodies and kills aquatic life. The idea was conceived to make the concept of giving back to nature an obvious option for the current generation.

The video entitled “Ganesha told me” has been shot in a roadside stall, where, the one and only protagonist, Saurabh Shukla portrays Ganesha and speaks in first person as to how much he enjoys the festival. He starts with reminiscing how every year he is kidnapped and brought to the mortal land, for 10 days of fulfilling hospitality. Lord Ganesha says he loves this time of the year and has no complaints about being brought down from the Shivlok.


He goes on to explain how the 11th day is the most enjoyable one, when he is left to enjoy the calm waves of the ocean. The only thing he hates about the process is how the fishes leave his company as soon as his paint starts to melt and mix with the water.

This is when you get the picture about how hazardous these chemical paints are for our water bodies and kill off the bio diversity under water, in an instant. The message ends with a request to choose eco-friendly Ganesha over the POP ones.


At the end, Saurabh Shukla reveals that he had a dream where Lord Ganesha told him all this and urges his audience to pay heed to the distress of Mother Nature and do their bit for her. This video is a clear attempt to bring the damages caused by our religious practices to the forefront. It clearly pinpoints how our age long processes, have been in turn, harming us and other animals.

This satirical approach of Postpickle is sure to hit the right chords with the youth and trigger the much needed change in our habits and how we celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi.