Hunching over the desk for 8-10 hours at a stretch has just become a routine for most of us which in long run results in joints, neck and back pain, inclusive of stiffness and swelling. In time to come it may develop into serious health complications and this is why we need to sneak out some minutes for stretching and relaxing.

Adapting a few daily habits helps you relieve stress and maintain a good physical and mental health. So we suggest these exercises for desk workers, try to do the following series of posture corrections and revitalizing stretches that allows a muscle to lengthen and the joints to operate through a full range of motion sending more oxygen-rich blood to your brain to keep you alert and productive.

1. Correct your sitting posture

Wrong sitting position is responsible for different aches and pains also affecting blood circulation. So sit straight, relax your shoulders, keep your foot straight touching the ground, back of the seat supporting your spine, screen of your computer matching the level of your screen while elbows with the level of keyboard.

2. Neck movement

Slowly and steadily move your neck back and forth. Don’t force yourself if not comfortable in any movement. This exercise will relieve you from painful stiffness in neck.

Don’t try to rotate your neck else you may feel dizziness, even pain can grow more.


3. Shoulders and arms movement

Like in victory you exclaim YES! with your elbows bent and arms up, hold that position and clasp your shoulders and rotate your arms in opposite directions so as to touch your elbows in every circle. Repeat 5 times. It will make you feel loosing baggage from your shoulders.

4. Hands, Wrist and Fingers

Stretch your hands in front by holding with cross fingers for 5 seconds with palms facing out. Now open your hands and with clenched fist, rotate your wrist 10 times.

Typing for hours make your fingers suffer too. Take stress buster ball and squeeze it 10 times to relax your over working fingers. If you don’t have one just open and close your fist 10 times.

5. Back stretch

Back pain is the result of sitting in one position for too long, some good stretches may alleviate the pain. Keep your arms up straight and hold your hands with cross fingers and try to stretch your hands up. Hold it for 5 seconds then bent on your right side and again hold for 5 seconds. Come back to the front position and repeat the same for left side.


6. Leg movement

If you need to give a file better you go and give instead of passing it on, as sitting for too long hinders blood circulation and you may feel swelling or limb falling asleep.

Hold your legs a little up from the ground and stretch from foot. Hold the position for 10 seconds then slowly rest them on ground. Repeat 3-5 times.

7. Eye movement

No eye movement, just close your eyes for few seconds and relax since your eyes got strained the most as a result of prolong gaze at the screen. Warning: If in office don’t take a nap meanwhile.

If possible splash cold water in your eyes for 3-4 times. It will refresh you and you will get relax from puffy eyes.

Do Take Note

  • Repeat the stretches and exercises several times during the day.
  • No need to hold your breath during the stretches. Do slowly and deliberately with relaxed and even breathing.
  • Always discontinue any stretching or exercise if your pain worsens. Consult the doctor if suffering from any severe pain.